Blackjack Online at Wild Jack is the Most Varied in any Online Casino

So many gamers love to play blackjack online and, to serve them, Wild Jack online casino provides over 40 different variations. The casino supports its large cohort of online blackjack players with complete tutorials for each different variation.

Top Graphics

All of the games at Wild Jack are supplied by Microgaming. In its table games and in blackjack especially, Microgaming makes great use of the finest graphics available. Blackjack is prominent in the Gold Series which Microgaming developed to showcase the best online casino graphics around.

You can choose from Atlantic City, Vegas Strip, or Vegas Downtown blackjack or go international with European blackjack. You can play single-hand or multi-hand. When you're on the go, Wild Jack Mobile Casino also has many of the most popular blackjack variations in the Gold Series. The Live Casino at Wild Jack has both single-hand and multi-hand blackjack as well as several other popular casino games.

Interesting Side Bets

Wildjack online blackjack offers the perfect pair side bet in a number of games. This is a side bet that pays off nicely if you get a pair. Mixed pairs pay 7-1; same-colour pairs pay 15-1; and a perfect pair pays 30-1.

You can play multi-hand blackjack using two decks so card counters can gain an edge over non-counters. Card counting affords online blackjack players a big edge. At any land-based casino, card counting is frowned upon, to say the least. So, being able to count cards in a two-deck multi-player game is a big boon to blackjack online players.

One of the odder blackjack variations is Double Exposure where you see both of the dealer's cards. The rules had to be changed somewhat to offset the awesome advantage players have when they know they have to hit with 19 points! Here's where the tutorials at Wild Jack shine. They teach you all the rules of every game and add advice on strategy as well.

From Simple Rules to Big Decisions

The basics of Wildjack online blackjack are well known and rather simple. The dealer gives each player two up cards and herself one card up and one card down. Players go first and here is the house's big advantage and the player's big quandary.

Players must decide whether to hit or stand. With their first two cards, players must decide whether to double down or split. Players must decide whether to take insurance if the dealer shows an Ace or to surrender if they feel they are likely to lose.

Each variation has somewhat different rules on all these aspects. Some games allow the dealer to hit on soft 17 and some don't. Players must know all the nuances in order to make the best decisions.

Having the player go first gives the dealer has a substantial advantage. If the player "busts", goes over 21, he or she loses automatically. In order to even the odds, the rules stipulate that the dealer must hit with 16 points or less and must stand with 17 points or more.

There are games where the dealer hits with soft 17, a hand that totals 17 if the Ace is counted as 11. This is generally seen as an edge to the dealer.

Help Yourself Win

In short, the best way to gain a definitive edge against the house is to learn each variation extremely well and to use a strategy card for each game. Wild Jack provides the learning centre. Strategy cards are widely available.

The second great advantage online blackjack players have over land-based casino players is that you would never be allowed to play blackjack at a land-based casino with a strategy card. Blackjack online at Wild Jack Casino is a great way to play this exciting, thinking player's game.

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