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Bingo is one of America's favorite pastimes, although the game originally came from Italy, dating all the way back to 1530. It then moved through Europe, including the popular eastern European Lutrija Bih Bingo, before making it to the United States in 1929. The game has not lessened in popularity, although it has evolved somewhat.

The American version of Bingo actually started out with the name Beano, so called for the beans which players used to cover the numbers on their cards as they were called out by the dealer.The name changed when a player was heard accidentally calling out "Bingo!" and the name stuck.

Lutrija Bih Bingo - Casinos

Lutrija Bih Bingois a very popular version of a classic game which originated in Italy as the Saturday lotto. 

Bingo's start in America was at a carnival in Atlanta, but its popularity really took off when a Catholic priest saw its potential as a fundraising tool. Once the game began being played in churches, its popularity stateside really took off.

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